Trimming Toenails.

Trimming Toenails

Cutting toenails is a delicate process because it is easy to accidentally clip into the vein that runs through the toenail. To avoid doing this- remember it is better to cut less than more. Use the bottom of the paw pad itself as a guide to the length that needs to be clipped off with the nail clippers (it shows what will be hitting the floor when they are walking). This is especially useful as a guide when the toenails are completely black and the vein (quik) is not visible.

If you do accidentally "quik" the nail (or clip it too close), it will be very hard to stop the bleeding. At home you can apply cornstarch to a cotton swab dampened with peroxide and press it firmly into the nail to allow a clot to form and eventually stop the bleeding.

After the nails are cut, the edges can be still feel sharp and damage hardwood floors or scratch you easily. You can avoid this by buffing each nail on the edges a few times with a nail file after clipping to round the edges. Taking your dog for a walks on concrete is another quick way to file the nails.

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