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Fun fragrances that compare identically to the "human" department store versions with one exception -- they are made for pets! Keep your best friends smelling fresh and clean with style. Use after bathing or between visits to the "salon". These gentle, conditioning fragrances are formulated to blend with your pet's natural oils. Easy to apply and longer-lasting than any other type of pet cologne. One mist lasts up to one full week ... Surround your pet with luxury


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White Dalmatians
Timmy Holedigger
True Dog
$6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 SOLD OUT!!!
4 oz. A feminine, sexy and alluring fragrance that will elevate your pet to stardom!  4 oz. Refreshing masculine scent with a hint of mint and spice.

4.oz. by Doggie Grrran
This urban scent oozes with the statement “yes…I am New York fashion, and I have just had a bath…”
4 oz. by Timmy Holedigger. Created for the pet that is like none other- as unique as the stars. 4 oz. This fine cologne keeps your pet smelling like a million bones!

Bono Sports
Bone Envy
CK-9 Bonique Waggy Beautifur
$6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $12.99
4 oz. Developed for the athletic pet in your life.  It has a sporty scent that smells great on male and females.  Easy to apply and long lasting. 4 oz. by Pucci. For the pet that has everything, and knows it!  And who more deserves it for being so “good”… 4 oz. Uni-pet fragrance that both males and females will enjoy. Envision two pets combined into one fresh long-lasting fragrance!

4 oz. A delightful, uplifting scent that lasts for days.  Spray it…Smell it…be Happy! 4 oz. An elegant perfume developed for the BEAUTIFUL pet in your life.
Ms. Claybone Aramutts Cool Dog Arfmani Doggie Bahama Male
$6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50 $6.50
4 oz. Elegant perfume developed for classy female pets. she will be the cat's meow, or the "bark" of her neighborhood! 4 oz. Created for the discriminating stud in your life. This classy cologne has a noble scent that lasts for days. 4 oz. Clean, crisp fragrance that opens the senses to the coolness of the ocean (or that nice cold water bowl at home after a hot day) 4 oz. An Elegant, sophisticated fragrance for the well-behaved pet. Hints of citrus and spice. 4 oz. For the "instinctive male" that finds peace in the World & knows that a good bone awaits him around the next bend.

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