Pet Grooming Tips


Begin by brushing with the slicker brush in the same direction as the grain of the hair a few times first to loosen the coat, then brush again in the opposite direction. It is best to always brush in this manner before and after bathing to loosen dead skin, tangles and debris. Using a Rake will help pull out most of the loose hair and undercoat. Our Medium and Large Pet Care Kits both include the Rake.


The slicker brush is effective in brushing out tangles and debris and it penetrates the coat all the way down to the skin. You can then use a steel comb to smooth out and style the hair. Also, try using the matt splitter included in our Large Pet Care Kit to split and cut through stubborn matts making them easier to remove. Sometimes it is helpful to use a detangler or creme rinse after the shampoo if hair is too hard to manage. It prevents static and further tangling between baths. It is not a good idea to try to bathe a tangled or matted dog without first brushing or detangling. It will take twice as long to dry, and the tangles will become matts.


Unfortunately, there are no magic products available on the market to spray on your pet to magically remove matts; you almost always have to work them out. You can start the matt removal process by first, using a pair of scissors to cut a chunk of the mat and split it with the grain of the hair, then work it out with a comb and slicker brush. It may be necessary to repeat this process a few times to actually break up the matts completely.

The matt splitter is a great tool available in our Large Pet Kit easily and effortlessly removes matts and tangles. You begin by placing the bladed comb behind the matt and then cutting it out using a slow, gentle "sawing" motion until you completely cut through the matt. You can then use the slicker brush and comb to completely detangle. Use of a creme rinse after removing matts is recommended to prevent further tangling.


Place a cottonball in each ear after cleaning to protect them from water during the bath. After soaking the dog completely with water, fill the palm of your hand with shampoo. In a circular, scrubbing motio, apply shampoo starting with the neck area, chin and behind the ears and then move down the body, legs and tail in the same manner. Save the face for last. It is easier to use a small towel and blot and clean the face area with shampoo solution. Start rinsing immediately to avoid getting shampoo in the eyes if the pet starts shaking. Applying eye ointment or lubricant (such as mineral oil) before bathing is a perfect way to protect the eyes from getting shampoo in them.

  When bathing cats, use a towel to partially cover the cat to provide them with a sense of stability in the tub. Use gentle streams of water and a large container for rinsing, if necessary. It also helps to try to clip the toenails with a small nail trimmer before bathing.

Make sure that all of your pet products are always rinsed from the coat before letting your cat or dog dry. Leaving residue on your pet after a bath is the cause of a high percentage of skin problems, and dull coats that seem to “grab” dirt and smell from the environment. Shampoos and conditioners are available for every pet care need from dry skin to removing odors (or both!). See our variety of pet shampoos on our "Shampoo" page. Take an evaluation of your pets' coat and condition before choosing a product that will achieve the desired results.

Removing Fleas & Ticks

Part the hair to and start working in small areas at a time. Place the flea comb against the skin and pull through the hair to comb out any fleas or ticks. Removing ticks will require scooping the flea comb underneath the head of the tick and pulling it out very carefully. After removing ticks, you can place the ticks in a container or jar with alcohol for about an hour before disposing of them.

Clipping Toenails

Cutting toenails is a delicate process because it is easy to accidentally clip into the vein that runs through the toenail. To avoid doing this- remember it is better to cut less than more. Use the bottom of the paw pad itself as a guide for the length that needs to left (it shows what will be hitting the floor when they are walking). This is especially useful as a guide when the toenails are completely black and the vein (quik) is not visible. If you do accidentally "quik" the nail (or clip it too close), it will be very hard to stop the bleeding. At home you can apply cornstarch to a cotton swab dampened with peroxide and press firmly into the nail to allow a clot to form and eventually stop the bleeding.

"Click here" for Nail Trimming Guide  

Filing the Nails

After the nails are cut, the edges can be still feel sharp and damage hardwood floors or scratch you easily. You can avoid this by buffing each nail on the sharp edges a few times with a nail file after clipping to round the edges. Taking your dog for a walks on concrete is another quick way to file the nails.

If you would like additional tips on pet grooming, or information about Petkits, email us at We will be happy to help!

    Daily grooming is essential to the health and maintenance of your cat or dog. All of the things needed to keep your pet in great shape are included in our Pet Care Kits, available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.

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