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No sedatives are ever used- Only gentle restraint and muzzles. If your pet does not safely tolerate grooming they are returned free of charge. Quotes below are only estimates and depend on actual services performed (Bath only, full service grooming, and/or ala carte services), condition and size.


*Ear pluck and cleaning, nail trim, and bath are all included in a full grooming appointment. Regular new puppy/kitten appointments are recommended starting at 6-8 wks old to help familiarize pets with grooming and handling.  Please feel free to call for a quote for any breed not listed below.


Puppy & Kitten Grooming introduces your dog or cat to the basic grooming process (Scissoring, light clipping, nail trim, bathing, brushing, fluffing, & blowdrying). This is essential to eliminating stress experienced by your dog, and additional problems & costs that result from pets that cannot tolerate handling & grooming later in life.


Grooming for Small-Medium Cats & Dogs available by appointment on weekends with Michelle


Bath & Basics (B & B) includes ear cleaning, plucking, nail trim, anal gland expression (if needed), bath, brushout, & fluff.

Full Grooming (includes bath & blowout, nails, pluck & clean ears, anal glands if needed)

~ Dogs ~

Small/Toy Sized Dogs (Chihuahua or Toy Poodle) - $35.00 Full Groom, $20.00 B&B

Small Sized Dogs (Shih tzu, Miniature Poodle) - $40.00, Full Groom,
$25.00 B&B

Medium Sized Dogs (Cocker Spaniel, Wire Haired Terriers, Shelties) - $45-55.00 Full Groom,
$30.00 B&B

~ Cats ~

Bath & Basics Only - $30.00

Bath, Brush and Detangle- $40.00

Bath, Brush, Sanitary Clip- $45.00

Bath, Brush, Allover Clip- $55-65.00

Bath, Brush & Furminator/Deshedding (includes sanitary clip)- $50-55

GROOMING ONLY without Bath & Fluff is the same price as the B&B.



Ala carte as Requested:


Flea & Tick Treatment - +$5.00

Medicated Bath -+ $5.00

Dremel - +$5.00

Deshedding -+ $10.00

Nails Only, No Grooming- $10.00

Dremel Only, No Grooming- $15.00

~ Temporary Tatoos (Stenciling) ~


Small Design - $5.00
Regular Sized Design- $7.00
One Color/One Area- $5.00
Each Additional Color- $1.50
Entire Body, 1 Color- $10.00
Each Additional Color, Entire Body- $2.00


I can create a pattern just for you upon request, please allow 10 days to process!


REFERRAL DISCOUNT - $5.00 off your next Grooming Appointment for each Referral



1/2 OFF every 5th Grooming Appoinment


Prices & Policies Effective 1/28/2017