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White Dalmatians
Timmy Holedigger
True Dog
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4 oz. A feminine, sexy and alluring fragrance that will elevate your pet to stardom! 

Free White Dalmatians

4 oz. Refreshing masculine scent with a hint of mint and spice.

Free Timmy Holedigger

4.oz. by Doggie Grrran
This urban scent oozes with the statement “yes…I am New York fashion, and I have just had a bath…”


4 oz. by Timmy Holedigger. Created for the pet that is like none other- as unique as the stars.

Free True Dog

4 oz. This fine cologne keeps your pet smelling like a million bones!

Free Pucci

Bono Sports
Bone Envy
CK-9 Bonique Waggy Beautifur
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4 oz. Developed for the athletic pet in your life.  It has a sporty scent that smells great on male and females.  Easy to apply and long lasting.

Free Bono Sports

4 oz. by Pucci. For the pet that has everything, and knows it!  And who more deserves it for being so “good”…

Free Bone Envy

4 oz. Uni-pet fragrance that both males and females will enjoy. Envision two pets combined into one fresh long-lasting fragrance!

Free CK-9

4 oz. A delightful, uplifting scent that lasts for days.  Spray it…Smell it…be Happy!

Free Bonique Waggy

4 oz. An elegant perfume developed for the BEAUTIFUL pet in your life.
SOLD OUT! Please email for BACKORDER Request.
Ms. Claybone Aramutts Cool Dog Arfmani Doggie Bahama Male
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4 oz. Elegant perfume developed for classy female pets. she will be the cat's meow, or the "bark" of her neighborhood!

Free Ms. Claybone

4 oz. Created for the discriminating stud in your life. This classy cologne has a noble scent that lasts for days.

Free Aramutts

4 oz. Clean, crisp fragrance that opens the senses to the coolness of the ocean (or that nice cold water bowl at home after a hot day)

Free Cool Dog

4 oz. An Elegant, sophisticated fragrance for the well-behaved pet. Hints of citrus and spice.

Free Arfmani

4 oz. For the "instinctive male" that finds peace in the World & knows that a good bone awaits him around the next bend.

Free Bahama Male

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